Without being surprised or ruffled in any way, my quality attention and that of Oro Nation Advocacy Group for Good Governance, has been drawn to a badly fabricated and libellous online report by one aimless, parasitic, self-appointed activist and notorious character assassinator who goes by the name, Francis Otioro.

In the said mis-targeted report, Francis Otioro,a school dropout who has lived the exact opposite of his name, made some insinuating allegations to the effect that Mr. Okon Bassey Okon our highly respected son and man of impeccable character, the Director of Finance and Account at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, had an undocumented deal with him to fight any external forces that would work against the then legally constituted Interim Management Committee in the Academy.

We make bold without equivocation or any fear of contradiction to state that such stupid, indiscreet and uncalculated attempt at tarnishing the name of a man who has diligently, dutifully and patiently gone through the ranks to become what and who he is in the Academy today is simply the height of insult on his credible record and personality by one miserable rat and popular ingrate called Francis Otioro.
The series of questions that first come to our minds are: Does Francis’ senseless allegations have any grain of salt? What could have prompted such fancied closeness and interaction between him and Mr. Okon Bassey who by nature is very decent and selective about those he has dealings with, let alone enter into any conspiracy with a daft fellow like Francis Otioro?. If the allegation of undocumented Contract deal between Francis Otioro and Okon Bassey through Mr. Martin ASUKWO was sealed, Why is Francis Otioro coming out now to remind the Bursar, Mr. Okon of a gentlemanly agreement after the death of Martin ASUKWO?.

How on earth will a man who styles himself an activist suddenly turned to a Contractor without registered document?. As a true activist and whistle blower how come you were selective in your fight to emancipate a globally recognized Maritime Academy of Nigeria, instead of emancipating your broken parental home and rehabilitate your father Otiotext who is now a public nuisance?. We cannot imagine Mr. Bassey of his noble and elitist demeanour, under any circumstance or persuasion, condescending to a level he would connive with a motor park tout for anything good or bad. It therefore makes Francis Otioro’s allegations instantly dismissible and a deliberate attempt to drag his name into the mud.

It has become glaring from our investigations and indirect interactions with those closest to Francis Otioro that he is merely taking a revenge against Mr. OKon Bassey Because the man has refused to pay attention to his childish attitudes and fanciful requests in the name of activism. We know Francis to be a shameless beggar and intruder who can stop at nothing to get his ways. That he mentioned the issue of contract clearly shows his line of thought. He belongs to those who believe that because the Academy is located in Oron, it must be seen as Oron property, whereby anybody who thinks otherwise must be framed up to give false impression to some gullible members of the public. But Francis should be made to know that in this new era where a General is in charge of affairs, disgruntled elements like him are been rehabilitated in the police custody and law court.Blackmailing a principal Staff of the Academy over a peanut is calling on the entire regiments of the Institution for war.

With the current transforming efforts in the Academy, which Mr. Okon Bassey is fully associated with, Francis Otioro needs somebody to advise him to turn up a new leaf than continue to live in the past. It is obvious that he simply dreamt of rubbing shoulders with Mr. Okon, a misadventure that must have prompted his assault on Mr. Okon’s hard-earned repute. But am sure security and other relevant agencies will deploy means to deal with the promoter of fake news and professional character assassinator.

On the basis of logic, if Francis was that Frank, why would he even thought of having such a discussion with Mr. Okon Bassey? How did he intend to ensure that “no external forces fight against the tenure of any Oro man in the Academy?” When did Francis Otioro become so important and trusted that any sensible person from any section of the host communities of the Academy would want to confide in him? When last did he openly fight what he calls the “Oron cause” and with what result”. What position of collective interest has he ever held in Oron? Simply put: Who is this Francis Otioro?

It is therefore on the basis of the emptiness of his allegations that we implore all who may have come across his article to immediately discard it as a mound of stinking shit. However, we wish to warn that any further attempt by this cursed bastard of an ostracized father to smear or distract our pride and mentor, Mr. Okon Bassey, from doing his work, shall be met with stiff measures that will offer him no opportunity for negotiations.

We equally encourage Mr. Bassey to see the allegations by Francis as part of the temptations and challenges he must have to face for being a man of integrity. We are aware of attempts in the past that Francis has been attempting the same thing, especially when Mr. Bassey had refused to sponsor his inordinate and immature political aspirations on the cogent reason that as a civil servant he could not afford to waste his salary on a candidate who had neither worth nor future in political circles.

We trust that if the social media were not an all-comers affair for idiots and nonentities, Otioro could hardly have afforded a space to pour his vomit. On this note, we specially call on the Management and Staff of Maritime Academy to dismiss the report for what it is – a fruitless attempt to dent the stainless person and record of Mr. Okon Bassey.

Comrade Uweh Okpoyo,J P
Director of Media and Publicity