Technology Tent- Apple stands firm on plan

Technology Tent: Apple stands firm on plan 

Similarly as at each Apple occasion, everything about the new Mac Pro was welcomed with challenges and cheers - until it went to the cost of one adornment. When they understood that they were being approached to pay $999 (£784) for a basic screen stand, the group at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) fell quiet. 

On Tech Tent this week we approach whether the high as can be cost for a low-tech item indicates Apple has put some distance between the real world. 

The $5999 cost of the PC itself - or even the $4999 for the showcase - did not stun the group of spectators. All things considered, these are top of the line items pointed essentially at clients in the plan and video generation world. 

In any case, breaking out $999 for the stand, instead of packaging it with the screen, felt self-important - as though Apple was accepting its steadfast fans would pay any cost for anything bearing its logo. 

Obviously it has effectively tried that hypothesis with ongoing models of the iPhone moving over the $1000 or, without a doubt, the £1000 mark. What's more, on the off chance that you need a Mac PC, the passage level MacBook Air currently begins at $1199, or £1199 in the UK. 

Carolina Milanesi, of Creative Strategies, discloses to us the rebel against these sort of costs may begin in Europe, instead of the United States. She trusts European buyers are concerned less about the expense of the equipment itself, however the administrations that accompany their gadgets. 

"The esteem that a customer gets in the US is far better than what they get somewhere else," she says. "The administrations' rollout, from music to Apple Pay, and now the TV administration, isn't rise to." 

Ms Milanesi says the contention that you get a lot of additional incentive for the £1000 you pay for the telephone does not stand up in the event that you don't get equality of administration. 

Which carries us to the next enormous declaration from WWDC: the death of iTunes, with clients currently occupied to Apple Music, Apple TV and the webcasts application. 

As somebody who gave an account of the 2004 dispatch of the iTunes Store in the UK, meeting both Steve Jobs and Alicia Keys, the rejecting of the media programming was a nostalgic minute. The entry of iTunes was the minute it turned out to be evident that the innovation business, as opposed to record marks, would choose the music business' future. 

In any case, as of late, iTunes transformed into an inconvenient, bug-ridden mess - by one way or another flagging that Apple has attempted to keep up as the world moved far from downloads to spilling as their favored methods for expending music and video. 

Presently a business which has made immense benefits from equipment is moving its concentration to administrations, with some achievement. 

Be that as it may, if buyers truly are to keep on being drawn into the Apple biological system and to keep burning through cash on administrations on their iPhones, iPads and MacBook Airs, at that point the cost of section may need to descend.